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It took so long but in the midst of trying to find a spot, my house would have the right lighting, and my kids giving me the time and the quietness that I need, it's like almost impossible, so I hope this week has been treating everybody wonderfully, I wanted to talk to you about the post office experience or the process to apply for the post office, any position that you're applying for, I want to talk a little bit about applying the actual process, the exams, the interview, etc.

The first thing I want to let you know is if you're planning to apply for the post office, do not quit your day job, I applied since March, so the process takes so long, and they're so slow with everything, because they do everything with a big group, like a big group at a time, that you really don't want to quit your day job, it's a long process, there's a lot of things that are involved, a lot of steps until you get all the way to training day, it's a three months, so if you quit your job, you're going to be three months without getting any income, and I don't think that's going to be a good position for anyone, if we're not working and you want to apply for the post office, you're going to need to get a little something to make sure that you can keep up with your finances and pay your bills during the whole process of the post office application, because there are so many steps, and it takes so long that you're going to be anywhere between one to two to three months before you actually get started with bare training, very rare that somebody starts working within three to four weeks, I mean from my experience it's taken three months, from other people's experiences I've seen that it's taken two to three months, and I really haven't bumped into anyone that has said that it's taken less than a month, so if you're working you don't need to quit your job, if you're not working you got to get a little something, because it's going to take a while and the bills got to get paid.

I have to go to and then you have to go scroll all the way down on the bottom, it's going to say careers, you click on that and then you scroll down, and there's going to be a place where you log in or create a new account, so if you previously applied, obviously you're going to log in, and if you haven't, you're going to create an account, when you create an account, it's pretty much going to take you through entering your information, that would be on a resume, so you're going to enter your personal information, you're going to enter your job history, it's going to ask you for school history, history of your present and past addresses, I believe it's five years, so five years worth of work history, five years worth of addresses, so at the end of the application or at the end of entering all the information for your profile, you're going to choose if you want to put your profile private, which nobody be able to see it, the only people who can see it is the positions that you apply for, or you could put it public and everyone that's looking for someone or to fill a position, everybody can see it, if it was up to me, I would put it on private and on whatever I apply for, those other people will not be able to see it, because you may be not interested in every position, so after you're done making your profile and deciding whether you're going to put it private or public, you're going to go to the search to look for the job opportunities.

It offers knock on the doors, and you can go to your State, I wouldn't choose a position to look for, I would just want to go to the state, it's not an option to put a city, and you're only going to be able to enter a state in a physician, you don't have to choose a position, I would just enter, click on the state and then put search, and it's going to show you all the positions that are open at the moment for that state, and you just scroll down and look for your city, because it's not going to be an option for you to enter a city, so you're just going to have to look through all of them, and see which city is yours or which is closest to you, and it'll have the position, so it goes by date, it'll say the date that they put it up, every day they put up new positions or positions that haven't been filled, so you're going to need to check it every day, because every day they put new positions and you never know what city that position is going to be for, so it might be for yours, and it might be the position that you're looking for, and you're going to want to apply as soon as possible, because there might be a test that is required, if there's a test required, they only allow a certain amount of people to apply, once they hit the maximum, then you're not to be able to apply for that position any more.

Exam is required, or only the people that have taken the exam already, and have not started working for the post office yet, and are so interested, if they apply and they already have a score, then they'll be considered, but they're pretty much going to go first for the people that are new in applying, so most of the time when you apply for a position and then postal exam is required at this point, you're going to be getting an email in a couple of days to take the characteristics online exam, that's how they narrow down the type of people that they're looking for, because it's a bunch of questions like "Are you most likely to do this?" or "What would you do in this case?" So you're going to do the characters in the exam, which takes about like anywhere from half an hour to 45 minutes, you pass that and you qualify for them, you're the type of person that they're looking for.

Then in a couple of days, you will receive an invitation to take the Postal Exam, the postal exam you can't take online, you have to take it at a site, so they'll be sending you the information of where you're going to go to figure out, what's closest to you, where you can take it, and somebody's going to be supervising you while you take the exam, at this point if you take the exam, you have to not only pass the exam, but you have to get a high score, because the position is going to be offered to the people who have the highest scores first, so now I don't have you pass it, but you have to have got a high score, it's not hard, but it's not easy either, it just depends on where your strengths and weaknesses are.

There's a lot of memory and coding, a lot of numbers, a lot of repetition, address checking or verification verifying, you have to look at different addresses and see if they're the same, if they're different, what's different, I think the hardest part for me was the memory encoding, because they give you different addresses and each address has a route, so let's say addresses 1200 to 1500 belong to route 8, and route 30 is 500 to 1628 Street as well, so you got to remember a bunch of things, so when they send you the invitation to take a postal exam, they are going to send you some practice tests, there are going to be very helpful, so you can get an idea of what's going to be on the postal exam, it's not a lot of information that they give you, that they send to you in your email, and it's not a lot of practice tests either, that they're going to be sending you if you want to make sure you pass a test or you want to be able to study beforehand.

I got there is pretty baby, and it's a guide to be able to take people to exam, what's a little bit of everything, it tells you the same thing that I'm telling you, how to apply the process, things you need to know practice, says it gives you little secrets, and little advice, and just helpful hints on making the experience better, and making sure that you get the position, so I really recommend getting this, I got it at I think it was, on the beat linking the link above for you, and I did pay, I'm not sure if it was twenty or twenty-five bucks, but I think it's definitely worth it, it also has advice on the interview what you're going to be acts, or any deal of the questions, or what your answer should be, how you should look when you go, and how to send them a letter like a thank you letter to the person that interviews you, so you can make a good impression, and definitely land the job after you take the exam.

You're going to get an email letting you know if you pass it, and if you pass it, what your score is, you'll be able to retake the exam, I believe it's like about three months after the day that you took it, if you didn't pass it or if you want to get a higher score, you can always retake it as well, after the exam after you pass it, you're going to be getting depending on what score you got, again they're going to be inviting people for the interview, so they're going to send you an email and it depends on what score you got, so whoever got the highest scores they're going to be getting invited to the interview, now it's not only the score you got on your postal exam, it also depends on what score you got on the online characteristics exam, so they somehow calculate that together, and they get a number, so the highest numbers will be invited for the interview.

Let's say you did well on both, you're going to be getting an email telling you or inviting you to the interview, you have to let them know if you're going to be attending or not, they're going to give you a date and time, it's also going to be kind of like a group session, because it's going to be a group of people like a group about at least 20 people in one room, and they're going to let you know during that session what exactly the job is about, what is required of you, and they just pretty much want to scare people away, and rule out the weak people, the weak links, that's pretty much, what they do there and they have you see videos, after that they will be calling people one by one for the interviews, and after they've been in a couple of days from 7 to 10 days, then you'll be receiving another email if they offer you the position.

Once you get to the part where they offer you the position, then you'll be able to accept it or decline it, some people apply for more than one position, so they might get offered one position, and they'll decline and to see if they could offer the other position that they were interested in, mainly because you are allowed to apply for more than one position, and you can also go to both interviews, and then once you get the offers, then you can decide which one you want to accept, which one you want to decline, or if maybe you don't get either one, or maybe you get one, you decline it, and then you don't get the other ones, so you're screwed, so let's be careful with that when you're applying to multiple positions, but it is allowed.

Once you accept the position, they're going to be sending you an email with a bunch of paperwork that you have to fill out, and they'll want to set up a date and time with you, like an appointment, so that they can get together, you can turn in your paperwork, you have to get your fingerprints done, and then as long as your application is complete, and there's nothing else that needs to be done, then you'll be done, and you don't just have to wait for an email for them to give you all the information for when you start your training even though, when you turn in your paper, where you'll give you an idea of what the day you're going to start, but that's all you have, you don't have like the times or the days or what you're going to do, they'll just give you a brief idea, so you're going to be waiting again, for example, I went and got together with them for my appointment on June 1st to turn in my paperwork, and they told me that my training starts on June 19th and mind you I applied, since March don't quit your day job.

Last but not least, finally once I start training, I'll be able to update you, and after I actually start legitimately working, then I'll let you know about my experience that I like is, that I'm not like it, so I recommend it, do I not, and if you have any questions, you could just let me know.

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